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Common Health Problems for Bulldogs

For pet owners, there can be a lot of joy found in their furry family members, which is why it’s important to ensure they live a long, healthy life. Some animals, like bulldogs, can be more susceptible to health problems. If you own a bulldog, here are some common health problems to watch for. 

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Bulldogs have a short snout, which means that brachycephalic syndrome is incredibly common. Having a fragile respiratory system can make their life difficult if you don’t take proper precautions. Bulldogs should be kept in a climate that makes it easier to breathe so they don’t risk further complications. 

Joint Problems

Because of their unique build, bulldogs are more prone to developing bone and joint problems, including hip dysplasia. Because of the high rate of bone and joint problems, you should have your bulldog x-rayed by a vet to catch issues early so you can make them more comfortable. 

Thyroid Issues

Bulldogs are likely to develop thyroid problems, which can cause obesity and heart disease. It’s important to monitor your dog’s diet and ensure they get the proper amount of exercise for their breed. 

Vision Impairment

Eye conditions are quite common in bulldogs. You may see problems like ulcers, cherry eye or cataracts in them from a young age. 
Your bulldog should be seen regularly by a licensed veterinarian to ensure they remain healthy and happy. For more health issues bulldogs may encounter, contact West Riverside Veterinary Hospital. 

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