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The Importance of Annual Vet Exams

Taking your pet to the veterinarian is an important part of pet ownership. As you may know, pets age faster than humans age at a five-to-one rate. Missing one year is like you going five years without seeing a doctor. Bringing your pet in for an annual exam will help keep them healthy in numerous ways.

Identify Potential Problems

The biggest reason to bring your pet to the vet is to keep them healthy. More than just a teeth cleaning, an annual checkup can reveal more about their health. There may be signs that your pet has health issues. Dental issues, respiratory infections and more can be uncovered in these annual exams.

Creating a Relationship with Your Vet

As you come to the vet year after year, your pet will not only recognize your vet, but your vet will become more familiar with your furry family member. This helps your vet understand the health needs, personality of your pet.

Changes in Lifestyle

Changes in lifestyle affect your pet more than you might think. A move or an addition to your family can affect your pet. On the flip side, some health issues can be resolved by making lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and minor at-home care.

Bring your pet to Dr. Butchko at least once a year to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life—and to cut down on major veterinary expenses. Schedule your pet’s appointment by calling 951-686-2242!

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